Back specialist near me – plenty of choice in Edinburgh

Back specialist near me

If you’ve been searching the term “back specialist near me“, and you’re in Edinburgh, you’re in luck.  If you’re specifically looking for a “Lower back pain specialist in Edinburgh” click to link through to my article on this. It’ll give you a guide as to what to look for. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an osteopath near me, click that cheeky link!

Below I highlight your options for who you could consult.  Having been an Edinburgh osteopath for 27 years, I think I know the options pretty well.  I’ve also written more than one book on lower back pain and been specalising in lower back pain for 28 years.


If you’re in Edinburgh, Mr Chris Adams is a “back specialist near me“.  He’s also an excellent and empathetic spinal surgeon who will take time to make sure you fully understand your options and what he’s proposing to do.  As a paediatric spinal surgeon, I figure he can probably manage adult spines in his stride; children’s spines being so much smaller.


I just can’t recommend a chiropractor because I don\’t move in Chiro circles.


Physis Physiotherapy state that they provide a biopsychosocial approach to persistent back pain; and that is the accepted gold standard in the back pain world.  I like Graham Curlewis one of their Directors, and believe he’s a leader in the physio world in Edinburgh.  They may lay claim to your search for a “back specialist near me“.

MRI and X-Ray service

If you’re looking for an MRI or XRay for your back pain, I’m a fan of The Edinburgh Clinic.  With spinal surgeons making this their home from the NHS, it’s a good combination.


In the interests of being unbiased, the Edinburgh osteopath I’d have to hand the title to would probably be Paul Barratt.  He’s been around longer than me and has – just like me – a Masters Degree from Edinburgh University in Pain Management.

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