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Active X Clinics was founded in Edinburgh in 1992.  In those days Gavin Routledge was the 6th osteopath in Edinburgh.

Then Robert Clark was the first osteopath to join Gavin in 1994.  Since then there have been more than 25 osteopaths and 10 massage therapists who have been part of the Active X Clinics story.

Expansion beyond Edinburgh

From 2000 to 2010, AXC had clinics in Bathgate, Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy. And they provided on-site osteopathic services to Standard Life, BP Grangemouth, Aegon UK, and ASDA (RDC2).
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A centre of excellence

The business purposefully contracted from 2010-2012, becoming just the one centre of excellence in Edinburgh’s West End.

Gavin wanted to specialise in back pain and sciatica treatment.   Having completed a Masters Degree in The Clinical Management of Pain at the University of Edinburgh in 2015, in 2017 Gavin released his 2nd book on lower back pain.  Having published the first with Gavin Hastings OBE in 1997 – The Back Book.

Gavin’s own experience of lower back pain, further qualified him to empathise with those suffering this debilitating problem.  Gavin has over 30 years of experience, specialising in the treatment of lower back pain and sciatica at his West End clinic.

Continuing to specialise in low back pain and sciatica

Since 2015, Gavin has developed an app for low back pain. And written courses on the management of lower back pain for physical therapists and fitness professionals.

Building a great team in Edinburgh

Part of the journey is to support others in the team to be their best. So, whether you’re looking for the best back massage in Edinburgh, or to see a great Personal Trainer turned osteopath (Jordan), we have what you need.

Leveraging his knowledge

Gavin is ambitious to create physical and digital tools that support people in becoming more active at work. Watch this space…

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And Gavin will keep striving to be the best Osteopath in Edinburgh (and beyond).

Less pain. More Active.

The impact of lifestyle on low back pain

Being convinced of the impact of lifestlye on pain, he passed the International Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine in December 2021. And is proud now to be a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional.
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Gavin Routledge

Clinic Director and Registered Osteopath

Graham Logan


Jordan Clemson


Andreea Dobrin


Caspar Giffard Tutt


Artur Biernasz

Sports Massage Therapist

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