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Massage is for everybody. It’s simple, safe, and it feels great. We offer many types of massage in Edinburgh. Sports massage, massage for stress, and massage for pain relief.

Massage is for everybody

Massage has been practised for thousands of years, across different cultures. It’s simple, non-invasive, very safe, and it feels great.

There are many types of massage therapy, but they all involve someone working on you with their hands (and sometimes feet, elbows) to ease pain and stiffness. And to bring about a state of relaxation that many people find it hard to achieve these days.

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Do you want the best massage?

We all love a good massage. Because it’s easy to feel good when someone lays their hands on you and gets to work. But it’s not so easy to provide the best massage. That’s what we set out to do at Active X. Originally we were focused on providing the best back massage. Because that’s what we specialise in – the relief of back pain and sciatica.

However, we’ve expanded beyond the back. Now we offer sports and remedial massage for your whole body. And we’re just as focused on giving you the best treatment experience that you’ve ever had. We also do seated chair massage, sometimes known as office massage.

Massage For Pain Relief

Many of our clients come for pain relief. Who wouldn’t want to have less pain and to be more active?

Stress Relief

Stress relief is another benefit – massage reduces the amount of circulating cortisol (a stress hormone). People often report having the best sleep of their lives following an appointment at Active X. The research on massage shows that it lowers heart rate and blood pressure, and boosts your immune system.

Consistently Great

We know that consistency matters. You want to know that every time you see any of our therapists, you will have a great experience. Whoever you see. That’s why – at Active X – we have developed systems and training to make sure that you always get what you want.

How firm do you like your massage?

We have a system of grading intensity. Tell us how firm you like your massage; on a scale of 1-10. Based on your feedback to the therapist, we’ll re-classify you on our 1-10 scale. That way, whichever of our therapists you see, we know how firm you like it. Of course you can change that at any time. But, this ensures consistency.

Chat, silence, music with your massage?

You tell us whether you like silence, music, whales, to chat a bit or not at all. You tell us what you want and our therapists will deliver. And this is all decided before you get here. Just fill in our online registration form before you turn up and it’s plain sailing after that. This ensures we can have you “on the couch” for nearly all of your 25/50/80 minute appointment.

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Edinburgh Massage Membership Plan

Massage is for life, not just for Christmas and birthdays. Your car gets an annual service. Your teeth twice a year. Yet you put a lot more miles on your body. Why not give it a monthly service? Our most popular package is monthly, but we can suit any budget from bi-monthly to weekly.

When your body goes wrong, it’ll cost you more than when your car goes wrong. Let us look after you. You may have only been looking for a back massage, but now you’ve found a whole new way of feeling great on a regular basis.

Massage is enjoyable. It’s a stress-buster. It eases your aches and pains. It’s time-out. Time for you. Go on, treat yourself!

Membership Options

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every 4 weeks

4 Weekly Treatment



every 4 weeks

Fortnightly Treatment



every 4 weeks

Weekly Treatment



every 4 weeks

Give your colleagues a reason to come into work

On-site massage is a great way to show your colleagues that you care. Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch (literally). By the way, colleagues can also visit one of our clinics, when working from home.

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Membership Terms

General Terms & Conditions

Massage Graham Logan prone neck
John Cooper
John Cooper
Had lower back pain and after a couple of sessions with Gavin the relief is fanastic and movement in hips is great,highly recommended
Tom Ord
Tom Ord
Having recently moved to Edinburgh and with a long history of back issues, it was important for me to source a decent osteopath. Active X have been superb. As an electrician I can’t afford any downtime, and on 2 occasions they’ve sorted my back without me missing any work days. Absolute professionals. Thankyou.
P Scott
P Scott
Excellent treatment, support and guidance to sort out lower back pain. App has insightful and educational information to treat and, when I get there, prevent it happening again. A real sense of shift in my behaviours as a result of the sessions with Gavin.
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown
I’m really impressed with the service and treatment, after a really annoying sore back and leg which appeared over Christmas. Casper has really helped to give me treatment and exercises which has eased the pain, not only that he is also a real pleasure to deal with and has a great manner, which has put me immediately at ease and makes me feel like I’m in safe hands!! Keep up the great work.
Renata Gorska
Renata Gorska
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the exeptional care and treatment I received from Caspar. His professionalism, friendliness, patientce, and dedication made me feel comfortable and confident right from the start. The treatment I received was truly outstanding and has made a significant difference in my condition. I am very grateful for the improvement I have experienced under Caspar's care. Thank you very much Caspar 🙂
Emma Smyth
Emma Smyth
After years of struggling i have finally found someone who actually listens and actively makes an effort to correct what i need. Couldnt recommend enough. Great people, service, and results.
Steven Tindale
Steven Tindale
Not for the first time Active X have put me back on my feet. Jordan was first class in sorting out the problem. I can't recommend him highly enough.
skynia tre
skynia tre
Professional service
Jacq Coghill
Jacq Coghill
Just had second appointment with Gavin for upper back pain. Thorough examination and history taken. Great explanation and understanding of what’s happening and tips to alleviate the problem. Today was really interesting with gentle manipulation of joints and stretching of muscles involved. Hopeful this can be resolved.