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Professional and effective treatment for back pain and sciatica

Active X Backs is an Edinburgh osteopathic and massage clinic specialising in the treatment of back pain and sciatica.  Often referred to as “the best Osteopath in Edinburgh”.  We have more 5star google reviews than any other osteopathic clinic in Edinburgh.  The Clinical Director has over 30 years of experience, specialising in the treatment of lower back pain and sciatica at this West End clinic. 

Gavin Routledge has authored two books on lower back pain  And run an online emergency service for sufferers of low back pain and sciatica (not to mention the 78 episodes on the back pain and sciatica podcast).  We also run courses for medics, fitness professionals, and physical therapists in lower back pain management. 

But of course we can help you with much more than back pain and sciatica. From headaches, through neck pain, to ankle sprains, we can help. We’ll look for the long-term contributing factors. And not just stop with the obvious.

Other pains?

Whether you have back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, a sports injury, or pretty much any kind of pain, we can help you.  If you’d like to get to the root of the problem, probably best to consult one of our osteopaths.  But massage is great for pain too.

Caterina Toniolo

I can't believe it!

My pain was typically 5 out of 10 but could be as bad as 9 for the last four weeks. It was really terrible after sitting. Two weeks after starting your plan I’m down to 0 out of 10. I can’t believe it! Thank you so much!

Caterina Toniolo

Active X Client

Edinburgh Osteopaths providing relief and prevention.

Do you believe prevention is better than cure?  We do.  Another of our Edinburgh osteopaths, Jordan’s background is as a Personal Trainer, before becoming an osteopath.  So, we have a big focus on helping you to remain active for life.

Are you looking for the best back pain treatment?  Or do you want the reassurance of consulting clinicians who can help you top to toe?  Then give us a ring or book online. You can consult one of our Edinburgh osteopaths in-person at our West End clinic in Edinburgh, or you can consult an expert osteopath online.

Emergency osteopathic service

Lower back pain and sciatica can be very distressing.  We are the only Edinburgh osteopaths specialising in low back pain and sciatica to provide an out of hours emergency osteopath service.  Use our whatsapp chat now for support.  One of our team can call you back 6 days a week.  Or simply call 0131 221 1415 24/7.

Go on, take that first step towards relief AND prevention.  Call now.

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Edinburgh osteopaths treating low back pain and sciatica

Low back pain affects 80% of the adult population at some time in their lives.  So, you are not alone.  We have helped thousands of sufferers to achieve relief and prevention of low back pain and sciatica.  

Whether you have a simple strain, a disc prolapse, a sacro-iliac joint problem,  or some other challenge, don’t worry.  These Edinburgh osteopaths have your back!

Gavin Routledge, Clinic Director

best edinburgh osteopath

Gavin was a Gold Medalist from the British School of Osteopathy (now UCO) in 1991.  Having spent time in New Zealand, working as an osteopath, he returned to his native Scotland and opened his first clinic in Grove Street in late 1992.

We love to help people in pain.  I had a lot of pain in my 20s and that has been a great help in understanding other people’s suffering.   Some people say that pain is a part of life.  But for many people it’s way too much pain.  I believe we have the team here at Active X to ensure you have less pain and can be more active.”

Edinburgh osteopath treating other pains

And osteopathy can help with more than lower back pain and sciatica.  We also help people with 

  • Neck pain
  • Mid and upper back pain
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Foot pain
Susie Lowe


Gavin and his team are extremely professional and friendly and most importantly, get great results. Highly recommended.

Susie Lowe

Professional Photographer

Lisa Marriage

Nice waking up without pain

I’d had low back pain and sciatica for a few months and been to the doctor and my local therapist. You confidently said I just had to stick to the plan we put together and that it would all be OK. You were spot on! Thanks. It’s so nice waking up without pain!

Lisa Marriage

Active X Backs Customer

Cameron Doyle

Huge thanks

Just wanted to say a huge thanks again. When, over twenty years ago, a surgeon told me to come back in a few years time when I was in a wheelchair because of my back, I can’t tell you what a downer that was. I am certain that following your plan has been a big part of making sure that never happened!

Cameron Doyle

Active X Backs Customer

Caterina Toniolo

I can't believe it

My pain was typically 5 out of 10 but could be as bad as 9 for the last four weeks. It was really terrible after sitting. Two weeks after starting your plan I’m down to 0 out of 10. I can’t believe it! Thank you so much!

Caterina Toniolo

Active X Backs Customer

Active X's Core Values

You want results, and we want to deliver. You define the SMART goals you’re aiming for and we do everything we can to support you in achieving those results. If we don’t measure it, it won’t get done.

In nature, nothing stays the same – everything is growing or withering. We choose growth and innovation, because we don’t want to wither and fail. We want the same for our clients. Our practices evolve as our education expands.

We are in the healthcare industry. We care passionately about you and our colleagues, and live to serve both.

We want to make a big difference, so we have to think big and encourage others to do the same. Small goals won’t motivate you for long. We need to talk about the difficult stuff and avoid sugar-coating. Playing around the fringes of problems won’t make a big impact, nor get the lasting results you – and we – are looking for.

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Back pain and sciatica podcast

Get loads of information and help with your lower back pain and sciatica from the regular Active X Backs Podcast, hosted by “Edinburgh’s best Osteopath”, Gavin Routledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes low back pain?

Some of the main risk factors for low back pain are repetitive loads, heavy loads, sustained loads, stress, obesity and smoking.  Not “the bone being out”.  More on causes of low back pain>>

How to sleep well with low back pain / sciatica

Reduce pain before going to bed, experiment with pillows for support, ensure mattress offers appropriate support and consider sleeping alone.  More on sleeping with lower back pain and sciatica>>

How to go up and down stairs with low back pain

Brace your abdominal muscles, get both feet on the same step before taking the next one, might be easier going down backwards, hold onto the rail More on how to go up and down stairs with low back pain / sciatica.

How to sit with low back pain / sciatica

Remember there’s no perfect posture, move often, sit tall, use lower back support to avoid fatigue and have hips higher than knees.  More on how to sit with low back pain / sciatica>>

We adhere to pain guidelines published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, are registered with all health insurance companies, the General Osteopathic Council and the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation.