Lower back pain specialist Edinburgh

If you’re looking for a lower back pain specialist in Edinburgh, I think I can help.  What should you be looking for? As an Edinburgh osteopath I think I’m well-placed to answer this.

Someone who specifically focuses on lower back pain

You can find surgeons who are focused on lower back pain.  You can also find physios who state that they specialise in lower back pain. I think we are the only Edinburgh osteopaths who focus on lower back pain.  You may think that chiropractors are specialists in back pain, but it\’s just that they relate everything back to the spine.

Someone with a lot of experience in lower back pain

It takes a long time to specialise.  You can’t gain this experience any other way than over time.  I’ve had a deep fascination and academic pursuit of lower back pain for 26 of my 28 years in practice.

Someone with additional qualifications related to lower back pain

You are unlikely to find a lower back pain specialist in Edinburgh who only has a first degree.  Anyone who’s serious about their subject will have studied extensively and formally.

Someone who walks the walk of lower back pain rehab

It\’s easy to promote yourself as a lower back pain specialist in Edinburgh – just state it on your website. But what have you done to demonstrate that knowledge and expertise?  Written a really good book on lower back pain?  Reviewed all the lower back pain apps on the app store?  Have you spent 2 years creating a lower back pain app to support people outside the consulting room?  Have you created an online course for fitness professionals on lower back pain?  And another course for healthcare workers who want a deep understanding of lower back pain rehabilitation?

Summary of lower back pain specialist in Edinburgh

Look past the marketing.  Is there real substance there?  Does the person/clinic instill confidence in you?  Are there gimmicks?  Look for good research evidence quoted on their website for any claims related to electric therapies for instance.

You might find it interesting to read why – as an Edinburgh osteopath I specialise in lower back pain.

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