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What Does An Osteopath Do?

Osteopaths most obvious difference is that they work with their hands to aid recovery. They are qualified to know whether you need further medical tests or investigations. So, osteopathy is a totally valid first port of call for people in pain.


An osteopath is a skilled diagnostician. Working out what is most likely causing your symptoms. The diagnosis is based on what you tell us (your history), any test or investigations you may have had, and our examination. We’ll explain it to you and what has most likely caused it.

Assess Function

Osteopaths can work out why you aren’t moving properly. And what to do about it. Here at AX we use a Functional Assessment for low back pain. A Functional Assessment is arguably more valuable to you than a diagnosis. Because it tells you what you should and shouldn’t do to recover.


We don’t prescribed medication. But we do give lifestyle and exercise guidance. Googling “exercises for X” is generally confusing and sometimes dangerous. You can rely on an AX osteopath to give you personalised guidance.

Manual Therapy

We use our hands to apply techniques that support recovery. Massage techniques, joint articulations, tractions, manipulations. We will use a range of these to help you to feel better sooner. If you have a preference for techniques you do or don’t like, we will take that into account.


It’s one thing knowing what you should be doing. Doing it is another matter. A good osteopath will be your health-coach. Because changing isn’t easy. But we’ve got 30 years of experience helping people like you to do what needs to be done to make a long-term recovery.

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