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Measurable improvements in your health and performance

Your best defence against pain and other health challenges is to be as fit and healthy as possible. But how do you know you’re making progress? Leading management guru, Peter Drucker, said “Only what gets measured gets managed”. We work with VALD Health technology and Muhdo genetic and epigenetic testing , to measure and then help you to optimise your performance and your future health.


By measuring your current performance with VALD technology, you will learn where your weak points are. Then, we can guide you in corrective exercise programming in order to get stronger in the ways that matter most to you. We can reduce your risk of future injury, while improving your performance. We will re-test periodically to monitor your progress.

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Discover your biological age and take control of your future health

By profiling your genes and your epigenetic responses to exercise, nutrition, sleep, supplements and other lifestyle factors, you will know how to optimise your long-term health – living a longer and more active life. This is the ultimate in health optimisation; reducing your biological age. We are all individuals. Muhdo’s insights will provide genetically-tailored coaching, delivered right to your smartphone through the Muhdo app. And with the check-ins and accountability we will provide you with, your long-term health improvement is almost guaranteed.

Active X’s first core value is “Focus on measurable outcomes”. Now that your true age is measurable, let’s focus on lowering it!

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Think big - another of Active X’s core values

Small goals won’t motivate you for long. We need to talk about the difficult stuff, and avoid sugar-coating. Playing around the fringes of problems won’t make a big impact, nor get the lasting results our clients – and we – are looking for. This is about making an investment in your long-term health and vitality. It’s about remaining fit and healthy for as long as possible. It’s about being active for life. Start measuring and improving.

Let’s talk optimisation!

Longevity FAQ's

Some of the questions we can answer for you with Muhdo’s insights….

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