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Our aim is to enable your people to be at their best. To live healthier and more productive lives. To live longer, happier lives.

Your people’s best defence against pain and illness is to be as fit and healthy as possible. But how do they know they’re making progress?
The management guru, Peter Drucker, said “Only what gets measured gets managed”.

Leveraging the cutting-edge technology available to us through VALD Heath and Muhdo Health, we are confident we can coach your high-performing team members to greater, more lasting health and productivity. We can also provide you with the best office massage in Edinburgh.

Partnering with VALD Health Technology

Movement is life – using VALD Health technology, we will give you a detailed objective report on your current mobility and strength, highlighting where you need to improve in order to perform at your best now and in the future. If you’d like coaching to achieve those goals, we can supply that too.
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Partnering with Muhdo Health

Learn and lower your true biological age. Put differently…. Live longer and be healthier.

Everyone knows their calendar age. But what about your rate of aging? That’s different for all of us. Using the science of epigenetics, you can find out what the right decisions are for you at this stage of your life. This is not general health advice. This is guidance tailored to your genetic profile, and modified as you improve.

Daily coaching is provided through the app. And personal accountability is provided by your health coach at Active X.

Let’s talk optimisation!

This service is headed up by Gavin Routledge, Clinical Director. An Osteopath with a Masters Degree in Pain Management, a Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine, and training as a Health Coach, he is a highly paid speaker on numerous health topics. Gavin and his team will guide your people to better health. 

Sam Jones has an MSc in Sports Performance Enhancement, and leads our testing and exercise programming team.

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