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We are a clinic specialising in back pain and sciatica. But, we have expanded into providing office massage in Edinburgh. And there is huge demand.

The proven benefits of massage

The benefits below have been proven in a number of scientific studies (see the links in the text).

Office massage for pain relief

Many of our clients use massage for pain relief. Because seated massage is very effective in alleviating pain, thereby improving productivity.

Office massage for stress relief

Stress relief is another reason for choosing massage. It’s time for you and feels great.

Massage improves productivity, sleep and mood

Massage improves mood and sleep quality. And that leads to greater creativity and productivity. Happiness is infectious.

Workplace massage improves job satisfaction

It’s a small study, but worth including – massage improves job satisfaction.

Consistently great massage

We know that consistency matters. So you want to know that every time you have a massage, it will be a great massage. Whoever you see. And that’s why we have developed training and systems to make sure that your colleagues will always have a great massage. For example, we have a system of grading intensity. You let us know on a scale of 1-10 how firm you like it and our therapists will deliver a consistent experience. Of course, we will adapt in the moment to your preferences. Clients can fill in a registration form online before their session, which includes their preferred degree of pressure. It’s all plain sailing after that.
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Give your colleagues a reason to come into work

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