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Lower back pain (LBP) and sciatica have a tendency to recur.

LBP is still the world’s leading cause of disability.  Many of the people who have consulted us have had multiple episodes – sometimes over many years. They had yo-yo’d up and down the Cliff of Pain, with lots of frustrations.

We know from experience – and the research – that osteopathy and other forms of manual therapy are effective in the relief phase.  However, the awkward truth is that it’s not so good at prevention.

Prevention takes more effort on your side. But the good news is that we know how to guide you through that journey.

If you’d like to know how well placed you are to achieve long-term prevention of lower back pain / sciatica, please take the Prevent Lower Back Pain Quiz by clicking the button below.

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Less pain. Less fear. More active.

“The Lower Back Pain Prevention Quiz started me on my journey to having less pain, less fear and playing more golf!”

Gavin Hastings OBE



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