Prone Extensions Endurance Exercise

Today’s exercise for back pain is the prone extensions endurance exercise. This exercise helps to strength your lower back and can be done using a table/bench or an exercise ball (as demonstrated in the video)

1. Lean your upper trunk over a table/bench/kitchen bar unit holding onto it. Use a cushion if necessary to soften the edge, which should be where your thighs meet your trunk.

2. Lift your straight legs up to the horizontal and hold for half a second.

3. Lower your legs back down to touch the floor with your toes.

4. Do about one every 2-3 seconds – no fast or jerky movements. Keep going until your lower back is tired, but not painful.

REMEMBER: If you experience any pain – STOP! Pain is not a signal that you are getting better, it is just a signal that it hurts!

Get help with your back pain (or any other pain) by arranging an appointment to see us. Call the active-x health clinic offices on 0131 221 1415

This prone extensions endurance exercise is part of my exercises for back pain <== click the link and take a look at the others.

Create a back care exercise plan based on endurance exercises and flexibility exercises listed so you can keep your back in great shape.

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