19/04/2011 Gavin

What questions do you have about back pain?

This blog has been active since October 2010 and I have been writing in an aim to help you overcome back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. Now, I am wondering if I left anything out or is there anything in particular you would like me to focus on that I haven’t.

I know many of you receive my blog posts via email and if you click the link in the title you will be taken over to the blog where you can leave a comment.

I always appreciate feedback, suggestions and ideas so please do leave them.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful Easter break, we have a number of bank holidays coming up so please make sure you get in an appointment before the break if you need one or book one for immediately after it.

If you are thinking about attending our free Osteopath drop in sessions I recommend you call before coming along to our Stafford Street offices to make sure it is running.

Telephone : 0131 221 1415 or click this link to complete our enquiry form and someone will call you back

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