01/04/2011 Gavin

What is lumbago?

A client heard the word “lumbago” used by a family member when they mentioned their back pain and asked me what it was. The phrase lumbago can be explained as “you’ve got a sore back and I don’t exactly know why, except that it’s not terribly serious’. Lumbago simply means pain in the lumbar region of your back. This ‘diagnosis’ tells you nothing you don’t already know!

It can be caused from constant heavily lifting because of your job, weak stomach muscles and/or bad posture and will be a constant ache or a stiff back (particular after getting out of bed) – the pain will never go any further than your lower back. If you are experiencing pain that radiates down to your thighs it could be sciatica.

You can focus on helping yourself overcome back pain by moving about and of course by engaging in regular exercise that will help you improve your posture and strengthen your muscles.

Take your lumbago for a walk this weekend, get out of the chair and move around. Do what you can to help yourself and of course if the pain gets worse or you think you need professional support you can arrange to see one of our osteopaths. You can call us on 0131 221 1415 or you can complete our enquiry form and someone will call you back.

Don’t let your lumbago lead on to something more serious because you ignore it. Take it as an early warning sign that your back needs help and that it needs to be strengthened.

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