24/05/2011 Gavin

Wearing high heels may eventually cause low back problem

Anyone who wears high heeled shoes runs more of a risk of bringing on low back problems. Remember, it may not hurt you now but it is making it more likely that you will suffer back pain at some time.

For the good of your feet and your back, shoes should be a good fit and comfortable, supporting the natural arches of your feet. Women’s high heeled shoes do not fit this description! If a shoe raises your heel considerably higher than the ball of your foot this leads of complex changes in your legs, hips and lower back changing your spinal posture.

  • Your ankle is stretched at the front
  • The knee is slightly bent
  • The hips are slightly bent
  • The lower back arches as the hips are thrown forward

A good insole, such as sorbethane, helps to absorb shocks – very useful if you walk on pavements a lot. A good grip on the sole helps to avoid accidents.

Wearing high heels may eventually bring on low back pain problems and if that is something you want to avoid spend as much time in well fitted shoes that are better for you body and save the heels for special nights out. That may sound boring but you will thank me 20 years from now 🙂

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