20/07/2011 Gavin

Watch your back at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival

July and August is festival time in Edinburgh and if you spend your life sitting at your desk or in a chair putting your body through 10 hours of standing for 3 or 4 days can be a bit much. Help yourself by doing what you can to lessen the chances of it re-appearing.

1. Schedule your time

Its nice to be free and easy at festivals and walk around choosing who you watch at the time but when you do that you run the risk of turning up too early and having to stand around while you wait for your favourite artist to appear. Then you stand for 90 minutes while they perform and have to walk to the next artist or back to your tent.

When you create a rough schedule of who you want to see and at what time you avoid all the un-necessary standing about. If you already suffer from low back pain all that extra standing really won’t help!

2. Enjoy a few massage appointments before you go

Massage really can help lumber you up and relax your muscles. You may find treating yourself to a few massages before and after the festival will lessen the amount of pain that you may feel after the festival ends.

3. Carry a portable chair with you or a blanket

My first choice for you will be to carry a lightweight portable chair – note I said light weight! The kind that fold up and include a carry strap so they are easy to move around. At the very least carry a blanket in your backpack so you are not sitting on the ground – especially as it gets colder in the evenings.

4.  Take some paracetamol with you or a heat/cold back

If you are aware of the type of pain you usually encounter then make sure you carry some pain relieving items with you just in case. There are usually first aid stations at any festival should you need them and it certainly won’t hurt to carry your own.

If you are attending the Edinburgh Jazz festival or any other of the festivals coming up late July/August I hope you enjoy yourself. Should you find yourself in pain please do call us on 0131 221 1415 – we are based at 14 Stafford Street, Edinburgh and will happily fit you in if we are able to do that.

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