25/11/2010 Gavin

Two great exercises for back pain

In order to keep your back fit and well it is important you take part in some kind of physical activity and two great exercises for back pain are walking and swimming.

However, remember not to aggravate your pain by attempting exercises that are beyond you at the moment.


Build up the amount of walking gradually, You should walk briskly for at least half an hour to improve your general health.  Footwear is important, invest in a pair of trainers that will support your feet and ankle.


Not worth attempting this if you are not a competent swimmer. No point in struggling  – it will probably do your back more harm than good. There is no reason why you can’t take swimming lessons when your back is stronger. Again, you should swim constantly for at least half an hour.  Do not swim with your head stuck up in the air (social breaststroke) – this could aggravate your lower back and cause all kinds of neck problems. Of all the strokes breaststroke is most likely to aggravate a back problem so try swimming on your back to start with.

Water aerobics are also an excellent form of exercise, particularly if you are not a good swimmer. As with swimming the strain is removed from your joints and yet your muscles get a good workout. Sports people returning from injury often use water-based exercise as one of the stages of recovery.

Simply trying to walk through the water can be hard work, especially if you hold your hands with your palms open at your sides facing forwards – this makes your passage through the water that much harder. The faster you try to go the harder you’ll find it.

A personal trainer can help set you up with great exercises for back pain that will keep you motivated if you know that you won’t get yourself to the swimming pool or out walking. Sometimes a few months of regular exercise with a personal trainer is enough to get you into an exercise routine that you can then continue yourself.

Oliver Jessop is the Director of Exercise at Active-X and will happily talk to you about your goals to use exercise as a way to strengthen your back and avoid future back pain or improve back pain if you are currently suffering with it. Give him a call on 0131 221 1415

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