Emergency Appointments

Immediate help from Edinburgh's leading Osteopaths

If you require an emergency appointment with an Osteopath for back pain, sciatica or any other complaint, call 01312211415 before 12.00 pm (UK time).

Please note that due to Coronavirus Active X Backs are still operating with a remote reception, in order to further reduce any possible risk of infection.

If it’s not too late in the day and if you book online, here’s what will happen:

  1. You book an appointment online and make your payment at the time of booking. This secures your booking along with our money-back guarantee.
  2. We send you a confirmation email with a link to an online medical questionnaire. You will be required to fill in the questionnaire before attending your appointment.
  3. Your online video consultation or in-clinic consultation will be at your appointed time today.
  4. We will advise of any necessary follow-up, in-person or online video consultations.
  5. Rapid relief achieved.

CALL 0131 221 1415

Don’t suffer in silence. We are here to help and we always have emergency appointment slots available.

Call before 12.00 pm (UK time) or book online and start your recovery today.

Outstanding! Gavin and his team are extremely professional and friendly and most importantly, get great results. Highly recommended.

Susie Lowe, Google Reviews