15/11/2010 Gavin

Tango Instructor back on the floor after suffering acute lower back pain

Phew. Well-known Edinburgh Argentine Tango Instructor Willie Green is back dancing after 2 weeks off the dance floor. He came to see me 3 weeks ago with acute lower back pain. Fortunately he had only injured his back a few days previously. He does have a history of lower back pain so it’s not always easy to resolve these things but I managed to help ease the pain.

He told me in an email “Felt really good after the session today – quite mobile.”

Which is great news because it means he’s back to doing what he does best – dancing Tango.

Not before time as there’s Bailongo! coming up in a few weeks. Bailongo is a big Argentine Tango Festival that takes place in Edinburgh on 3rd – 5th December – to get all the info about this amazing event visit…


If you are thinking of taking part you might find that a massage a few days before will really help limber you up and you might want to book one for after the event too!

Our massage therapists can provide a remedial massage or maybe a sports massage might do you more good after three days of Tango! Sports massage is not just for athletes

For more details on booking a massage session call 0131 221 1415

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