31/01/2011 Gavin

Sticking to your back care exercise plan

Over the last few months I have been writing a lot of material that focuses on how to improve chronic back pain using different exercise techniques. Now I want to talk about sticking to your back care exercise plan.

You can overcome back pain by helping yourself heal. The body is very forgiving and is great at coming back from an injury if you are willing to put the work in to help yourself through it.

Here are a few things I recommend to clients

If you have started your back care exercise plan and keeping a record of how you are doing look back over it – sometimes look at where you have come from and how far you have managed to get really helps to keep you going. For instance if 4 months ago you couldn’t bend and touch your toes and now you can that is an obvious improvement. So keep regular records of what you can’t do now and watch your progress over the next few months.

When you first start to exercise to help your back pain you may find that the pain grows worse in the first week or two but do not let this put you off. Your muscles and joints have to get used to moving in unaccustomed ways, and as they do things will get easier.

Do not worry if you cannot manage to exercise every day, just make sure you are doing your best!

Find different times to stretch as you get familiar with the exercises. During the TV adverts while you are waiting for your favourite program to come back on why not stand up and move around a bit. Do a few side bends or get on the floor and try a few opposite arm and leg lifts.  Take any opportunity to move you can get!

As I have always said throughout this back care series, you should never experience pain so if you are still in pain after a few weeks or the pain is severe I recommend you call our office on 0131 221 1415 so we can talk to you in more detail.

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