03/12/2010 Gavin

Overcoming back pain with exercise

How important to you is it that you get better from back pain? If it is very important then

overcoming back pain with exercise is your answer. You must make your exercise programme a priority. Remember there are two main aspects that you must work on

1. Flexibility

2. Endurance

So, you must select exercise that will improve both of these aspects and to ensure you pick the right ones for you I suggest talking to Oliver who is the Active-X Personal Trainer.

What you want to establish is a regular exercise program that includes

  • One exercise session combining endurance and stretching exercises each day
  • Two other exercise sessions each day with only stretching exercise
  • Swimming/walking/cycling three times per week

Your main exercise of the day (one that includes endurance and stretching exercises) should take at least 15 minutes.

Oliver will be able to put together a program for anyone interested in overcoming back pain with exercise so call him on 0131 221 1415

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