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Most Experienced Osteopath in Edinburgh

Most experienced osteopath in Edinburgh

If you’re looking for the most experienced osteopath in Edinburgh, read on…  Of course, as an Edinburgh osteopath I’m going to feature in the mix.  But below I’ll give you a choice based on different measures of experience.

Musculoskeletal pain affects 1 in 3 people in Scotland.  That’s 1.7 million people.  And pain in Edinburgh is just as common as any other part of Scotland.

Longest established osteopath in Edinburgh

I think this category would have to be won by Rosalind Stuart-Menteth.  She graduated way back in 1981!

Most experienced for back pain and sciatica

I have to mention this.  Because more than 50% of people consulting an osteopath do so for back pain.  And I have specialised in back pain and sciatica for more than 20 years.  So, on the specialist measure, I think I win this category.

Edinburgh sports osteopath

I’ve struggled with this one a little, because I don’t think there’s a stand-out sports osteopath in Edinburgh.  Jordan Clemson is very involved in rugby, both from a training and a first aid perspective.  We used to have a lot of track cyclists in the clinic.  And before it went professional, we had a lot of rugby players on the bench.

Most experienced with children

Tom Kelman was the first osteopath in Edinburgh with a diploma in paediatric osteopathy.  And he’s been in Edinburgh a good 20 years, so I’m going to award him the prize for this one ( I think he’s had 3 kids too, which helps).

That’s my round-up so far if you’re looking for an the most experienced osteopath in Edinburgh.  I’ll add more categories at your request.

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