09/11/2012 Gavin

Massage works for low back pain

The “Gold Standard” in research is to have a Cochrane independent review of the research literature.  The Cochrane Group is totally independent and reviews research for its quality and excludes any that isn’t well conceived or conducted.  It then aggregates the best research and reviews it in order to evaluate the “intervention” being studied (massage in this case).

Well, The Cochrane Back Group published an article in June 2010 which concluded that massage therapy is beneficial for “sub-acute and chronic non-specific low back pain”.  What exactly does that mean!??  It means that people who have low back pain which has lasted more than 4 weeks are likely to benefit from massage therapy given by a qualified  experienced massage therapist.

Yeeha!  That means that all the doubters will be eating their hats.  Well, maybe not quite just yet.  Natural sceptics tend not to read Cochrane Reviews incase their beliefs are disturbed – I know, I’m letting my cynicism show through.  Never let it be said that massage hasn’t earned its place in the therapeutic arena.  We have had massage therapists in the clinic since 2003, and I’ve often said “I’d rather have a great massage therapist than an average osteopath, physio or chiropractor”

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