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Massage for pain relief

If you’re considering massage for pain relief, Harvard Health confirms that 60 minute therapeutic massages are effective in reducing pain.

Massage for pain relief in Edinburgh

We have been providing massage in Edinburgh for over 20 years.  From humble beginnings in Grove Street, we moved to the West Port in 1997.  And have been providing massage in the West End of Edinburgh since 2009.

Specialising in back pain and sciatica

If you have back pain or sciatica, massage for pain relief is a totally valid option.  Although you might think of osteopathy, chiropractic or physio first, the evidence for massage is very similar.   Whether your pain is due to a simple muscle strain, or one of many other possibilities, massage can help.

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Massage for neck pain and more

Although we specialise in back pain and sciatica, we can provide massage for neck pain, headaches, shoulder, hip pain and many other aches and pains.

How does massage work?

Ah, there had to be a tricky question to answer didn’t there?  For many decades the answer would have been “it improves blood flow and works out the knots”.  Or something along those lines.

Well, research tells us otherwise.  Massage – like other physical therapies – works in ways you probably hadn’t realised.  For instance, massaging can lead to different genes being expressed in your muscles.  And that can speed up your rate of healing.  Yes, the science of epigenetics is offering as yet unforeseen mechanisms to explain massage for pain relief.

Massage also stimulates the release of immune-boosting chemicals.  That’s right, massage can be good for your immune system!

How is massage delivered?

Unlike in the image below, we typically deliver massage in our clinic.  You’ll be lying down, deeply relaxed.  Of course we have provided on-site massage in the past.  Within a corporate setting.  But unfortunately, this stopped with the COVID19 pandemic.

osteopathic treatment for back pain

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