31/01/2013 Gavin

Lower Back Pain Quiz

There are so many myths around lower back pain; find out how knowledgeable you are with our True or False Quiz…  Get yourself a piece of paper and a pen, and write down numbers 1-12, and answer T or F for each one (answers are at the bottom – no peaking!).

1. If you saw a disc problem on your MRI you’d at least be certain of the cause of your back pain?

2. An X-Ray will show you what’s causing your back pain?

3. A scoliosis (twist in the spine) has to be severe before it is strongly related to back pain?

4. People over 60 get more back pain than younger people?

5. “Correct” lifting decreases the risk of injury to the lower back?

6. People who are fitter experience less low back pain?

7. Back pain runs in families?

8. Half of all older people who have no back pain have “spinal stenosis” (narrowing of the spinal canal) on MRI?

9. Most low back pain is due to lifting injury?

10. The clearest thing about dealing with low back pain is how important it is to stay active?

11. “Manipulation” doesn’t help low back pain?

12. The guy who compiled this quiz doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

If you’d like more answers on lower back pain, give us a ring!  Let me know in the comments section how you got on; anything above 8 is damn good!


1. F     2. F     3. T    4. F     5. F    6.  T      7. T      8. T      9. F     10. T    11. F    12. F!!!

Look out for the next blog post explaining all the answers.

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