10/11/2010 Gavin

How we give back to support a healthy Edinburgh

I have enjoyed years of customers and building a great business, part of enjoying success is being able to give back and Active-x continues to do that in a number of different ways.

In 2009 we were sponsors of the girls under 16 National hockey team and we were very proud to sponsor this group because we have a passionate belief in young people staying engaged in sport.

Supporter of the City of Edinburgh Racing Club – we support this club clinically, providing them with the services we offer to ensure they remain healthy and “on track” for optimum performance. The City of Edinburgh Racing Club has won British Track Cycling Championships and Commonwealth, European, World and Olympic titles since they begun in 1982

As well as our passion for supporting a healthy Edinburgh we also donate 10% of our initial consultation fee income to two National charities.

Combat Stress who are a military charity specialising in the care of Veterans’ mental health.



The Haemophilia Society which is a national and independent organisation that supports people affected by bleeding disorders


We also support the fundraising efforts of both these charities by taking part in events like Edinburgh 10k run, and survival of the fittest. If you would like to help us raise money for either charity feel free to get in touch via our contact us form <== click the link

Those are just a few examples of how we give back in an aim to support a healthy Edinburgh and give back to Scotland.

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