15/03/2011 Gavin

How are you helping yourself overcome lower back pain?

Throughout this blog I have been providing tips and techniques for anyone suffering with chronic back pain – how much of it have you used? How are you helping yourself overcome lower back pain?

I wanted to remind you of some key elements to helping you with back pain that I have outlined and hopefully you will find that you have worked through some of them.

Watch your posture when you are sitting in a chair

The chair you use at work is probably the one you sit on more than any other if you have a desk job. On the weekends you will find yourself on the sofa and many people slouch. You really need to learn how to sit correctly if you are going to help yourself overcome lower back pain.

Have you watched our videos and adjusted your office/home chair and desk?

Have you adjusted your bad seating posture in your car?

Correct your bad posture with exercise

Bad posture and a lack of exercise are two of the main causes of lower back pain. You can help yourself by adopting a regular exercise habit and seeing a professional who can help you correct your posture. How have you helped yourself? Have you:

Arranged an appointment to see an Osteopath?

Arranged regular massage sessions to help with muscle spams?

Joined our exercises classes every Monday or Thursday

Or our Pilates classes every Tuesday?

Have you put together a back care plan based on the exercises I have added?

Are you aware of every day things that cause back, neck and shoulder pain?

Check your sleeping position

Now you are aware of the best sleeping position to avoid lower back pain are you changing the way you sleep?

Have you invested in a good mattress to help your back pain?

Or bought yourself a new pillow because of their importance for back care?

These are all recommendations to help you overcome not just back pain but shoulder and neck pain too while improving your posture using massage and exercise. Call our Edinburgh office to speak to us about how we can support you get pain relief from back pain. 0131 221 1415

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