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Edinburgh osteopath specialising in sciatica

Edinburgh osteopath Gavin Routledge

Edinburgh osteopath specialising in sciatica

I am an Edinburgh osteopath specialising in sciatica.

Sciatica affects around 20% of all adults at some time in their lives.  The estimates vary depending on the study you read.

Edinburgh osteopath with sciatica and back pain

When I arrived in Edinburgh in July 1992, I was already 4 years into my episodic sciatica.  It was caused by an L4L5 disc herniation.  The episodes went on for about 7 years.  Along with low back pain.  Yes, it feels shameful to admit it, but I suffered a lot of severe low back pain and sciatica in my 20s.

Find an Edinburgh osteopath specialising in sciatica

I had quite a bit of treatment from different professionals – mostly osteopaths.  But could I find someone specialising in sciatica?  No, I couldn’t. And I didn’t just stick to Edinburgh osteopaths.  I tried Chiros, physios and massage therapists.  None of them made much of an impact.

Eventually I worked it out.  Treatment helped at times, but it didn’t solve it.  Changing my habits did that.

Then I wrote a book about back pain.  It was called The Back Book.  I was lucky enough that Gavin Hastings agreed to be the model (he was a client with persistent back pain).

Osteopath specialising in back pain and sciatica

Given my personal experience, I have always focused on helping people with back pain and sciatica.  It seemed only natural to try to help others like me. I think it helps to really understand the impact it has.  I understand.

Studies in sciatica and back pain

I completed a Masters degree in The Clinical Management of Pain at the University of Edinburgh.  For that, I wrote a meta review of the clinical guidelines for back pain and sciatica.

Then I reviewed all the apps on the app store for low back pain.  There were 232!!

In my final year my project focused on the design of the ideal digital intervention for low back pain and sciatica

App for sciatica and low back pain

Following on from those studies, I have built 2 apps for low back pain and sciatica.  But they just weren’t good enough.  What techies refer to as “the user experience” just wasn’t good enough. When technology is done well, it just works.  When it isn’t, it’s a drag to use.  I don’t want to you to regret using any of our services.

Book on back pain

My latest book on back pain was published in 2017.  Ian Rankin was kind enough to interview me at the launch at the Sheraton Hotel (excuse the old branding).


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