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Edinburgh osteopath for neck pain

Edinburgh osteopath for neck pain

If you’re looking for an Edinburgh osteopath for neck pain relief, read on…  Although there are many osteopaths in Edinburgh, (there were 6 when I arrived in Edinburgh in 1992), I hope this will help you to choose.

Musculoskeletal pain affects 1 in 3 people in Scotland.  That’s 1.7 million people.  And since the COVID19 pandemic, more people have had neck and shoulder pain.

Edinburgh osteopath specialising in neck pain

I’m not aware of any osteopath in Edinburgh who specialises in neck pain.  I think a lot of us will claim to be very capable with neck pain.  At Active X Backs, we have specialised in back pain and sciatica for nearly 30 years.  I have a friend in London, Nick Potter, who is known as “Nick the neck”.  Yes, he’s an osteopath who specialises in neck pain.  He’s even written a very good book on pain.

Some osteopaths do more than pain relief.  We don’t.  We focus on pain (but as you’ll see below, we go beyond relief).  With over 30 years in practice myself. And I had about 7 years of on/off low back pain and sciatica in my 20s.  This has given me a lot of insights into pain.

Causes of neck pain

There are many possible causes of neck pain.  Contributing factors can include posture, trauama, tension, mood, repetitive activities.  Whether the pain is due to a “strain”, or muscle tension, or inflammation, will vary from person to person.

Pain relief in Edinburgh from a Lifestyle perspective

I have a lifestyle medicine approach to pain too.  Having completed a Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine through the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Pain relief shouldn’t be your ultimate goal

We believe in prevention too.  We will provide rapid pain relief.  But if you don’t take steps back away from the edge of The Cliff of Pain, you”re likely to fall off again.

The Pain Relief / Pain Trigger cycle

Many people recover from their pain – they get relief.  They get as far as the cliff top.  But then all it takes is another puff of wind, and they fall off again.  Some people spend years yo-yoing up and down the Cliff of Pain.

Edinburgh osteopath for prevention

But if you want to prevent a recurrence of your pain.  To really put your neck pain behind you.  Then you need to get right back from the edge.  And here in our Edinburgh clinic, we can help you achieve that.

We will treat you AND train you to get right back from the edge of another episode of pain.

Treatment and more from Active X

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