13/03/2019 Gavin

Looking for an Edinburgh back pain specialist?

If you’re looking for an Edinburgh back pain specialist, what should you consider?

Are they really in Edinburgh?

I’d like not to insult your intelligence.  But you may not realise that some businesses optimise their website to return for terms that they want to rank for, but aren’t really true.  For example, you may find that someone in Linlithgow might optimise for a term including the word Edinburgh.  Because Edinburgh has a much bigger population than Linlithgow. And maybe they figure some people who live in Edinburgh might work in Linlithgow, or vice versa.  So, if you really want a back pain specialist in Edinburgh, make sure that’s where they’re based!

Do they know about backs?

I’m being pedantic.  Some people think because they do a lot of something it makes them a specialist in that field.  But I think a requirement should be that they really have taken a deep deep dive into the subject.  I believe I’m the only osteopath who specialises in back pain and sciatica in Edinburgh.  Take a look at the reason here. I think you can only really know about backs if you understand the biomechanics, not just the anatomy.

Do they know about pain?

Again, I’m being pedantic.  I have a number of colleagues who know a fair bit about the biomechanics.  But I can’t think of one of them who appears to know a lot about pain.  I could be wrong of course, and I know my colleague Paul Barratt studied the same Masters as me. Pain is complex and fascinating. That’s why I studied for a Masters Degree in Pain Management.

Do they put their knowledge of backs and pain together?

Since studying for my MSc in Pain Management I have written a book on lower back pain, created an online course on low back pain, an app, and another online course for fitness professionals.  All of them on back pain.


So, if you’re looking for an Edinburgh back pain specialist, make sure the answers to all of the above are “Yes”!

Having found me, if you’d like to arrange a consultation in person or via Skype, book your appointment online.  Or call Andreea or Paula on 0131 221 1415.