17/01/2019 Gavin

Why doesn´t my doctor recommend osteopaths for lower back pain / sciatica?

I honestly don´t know.  But here are some possible reasons your doctor may not want you to consult an osteopath for low back pain / sciatica.

Your doctor doesn´t really know what osteopathy is, or what osteopaths do

If you didn´t know anything about a profession you might distrust it, and you almost certainly wouldn´t recommend that your clients consult a member of that profession. Doctors care about their clients/patients and for the most part feel responsible for their wellbeing and don´t like to take chances.

Your doctor has a bias

We all have biases, and unfortunately these tend to be predominantly negative.  If your doctor has ever heard anything bad about an osteopath, he/she is more likely to remember that than anything positive.

Your doctor has valid concerns

Your doctor may feel that you would be better-off pursuing another course of action for your problem.

If you´re concerned whether osteopathy is right for your lower back pain or sciatica, here are a few articles you should find useful:

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