01/06/2011 Gavin

Creating a simple exercise routine for your back

I have been adding information for a while now of different exercises that you can perform to help build the strength in your back, especially if you suffer with low back pain.

With all the information available it can be difficult to know exactly which exercises to work with and what I recommend is that you focus on a few flexibility building exercises and a few strength building.

For example you could try this simple routine

Hip Flexion – Three each side, alternately, holding each for 10 seconds

Crucifix – Two each side, alternately, holding each for 30 seconds

Lumbar Flexion 20 in total, rocking gently

Pelvic tucks – 10 in total

That will only take you 10-15 minutes and they are a nice range of exercises to perform.

Of course if any of them hurt at any time you should stop and consult a professional. Call to talk to one of our osteopaths on 0131 221 1415

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