12/09/2012 Gavin

BUPA opting for cheapest osteopaths

Having been registered as a BUPA provider for 12 years, I will cease to be so on 1st October 2012.  This is as a result of unreasonable terms being imposed by BUPA on all osteopaths.

Please visit the Save Osteopathy on Bupa site to find out about the changes Bupa are making.

In addition to unreasonable terms, they are only offering to pay osteopaths £40 for a new patient consultation, and £30 for a follow up, with no option of  charging the patient a “top-up” fee.  This is despite the fact that BUPA’s own Physiotherapists charge substantially more than this!  It does feel rather like they are abusing their buying power.  What do you think?  The only osteopaths who will work at this rate within Edinburgh are the fresh graduates and those working from home with minimal overheads – is this the sort of cover you pay your BUPA health insurance for?

In the meantime, I’m very sorry to all those of you who have used your BUPA policy to consult me in the past; perhaps you would consider a more reasonable health insurance provider?

Yours (fuming)


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