What will back care exercises achieve?

There are three important points to consider when we look at how healthy your back is. They are all related.

Flexibility : If your back is not flexible (and this includes your hips) you are more likely to stretch something painfully.

Strength : If your back is weak you will strain it too easily.

Endurance : If your back tires quickly, again you will strain it easily.

So, exercises should achieve:

  • Good flexibility
  • Good strength
  • Good endurance

However, remember not to aggravate your pain by attempting exercises that are beyond you at the moment.

Our back care exercises will help you put together a self help plan using exercises from all of these categories – strength, endurance and flexibility – be sure to choose at least two from each one and do them on a daily basis.

If you need any other help remember as an Osteopath I can help you with any pain you are currently experiencing whether it is back pain, shoulder or next pain. Simply call our Edinburgh office on 0131 221 1415

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