What brings on the onset of Back Pain?

Over the years I have had the pleasure of helping people overcome back pain and one thing I always hear them say is “I was just lifting a box” or “I was only carrying the shopping!”

Too many people regard their back pain as due to one isolated incident – one thing they did that brought on the onset of pain but the truth is that that one incident was usually the last straw rather than the start of it.

So, what brings on the onset of back pain?

There are normally lots of different things which have contributed to you reaching this point  – and all these different factors need to be addressed.

One of the biggest factors in back pain that people can improve on is their activity level and how physically fit they are.

Can you accept that if you were fitter – more supple and stronger – then your back would be less likely to ‘go’ under the same circumstances? As for those of you who suffered a gradual onset of back pain, this is a pretty good indicator that something you do on a regular basis has led you to this point.

So, back pain is usually due to many different things building up over a period of time – pushing you closer to going over the edge, resulting in low back pain.

If you want to improve your physical fitness remember every Monday and Thursday you can join our Director Of Exercise Oliver Jessop and a great team of people over at St George’s Center, Stockbridge from 6.30pm

Call 0131 221 1415 if you want to let us know you are turning up so we can look out for you or just show up on the day – everyone welcome.

Help yourself and your back by getting fit and making it stronger.

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