The shoulder bag that doesn\’t cause shoulder pain

Ever get annoyed that your bag slips off your shoulder?  If you’re fashionably opposed to using a rucksack/backpack then help is at hand with the i-stay shoulder strap.

In case you didn’t see them on Dragon’s Den, the company have developed a patent-pending strap which can clip onto other bags. They also make bags of their own.  And they sent me one to try – there are perks to being an osteopath 😉

It’s a great well-thought out bag, with all the pockets and zips you could want – and at first inspection they look like quality zips too.  But most importantly, what about the shoulder strap?  So, I loaded up the bag modestly (heavily-loaded bags tend to stay on better than modestly-loaded ones), and went for a walk.

On my left shoulder it was great.  I walked for half an hour and it didn’t budge.  Then for my lower – slopey – right shoulder (yes, I’m squint too).  Normally I don’t bother putting shoulder bags on my right side because I know they keep slipping off.  While it didn’t perform as well as on the left, I was impressed with how infrequently I had to adjust it.

In short, the i-stay strap is a winner, and I like the bag too!  Turns out the esteemed Royal College of Chiropractors have commended the product too; I didn’t know there was such a thing – why don’t we have a Royal College of Osteopaths?  I shall have to enquire.


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