The Launch of a million better backs!

I’ve been in practice for over 20 years and had a bad back for years myself until following my own advice solved it (doh!).   It still amazes me how many people struggle with lower back pain when the solutions are so accessible.

I have set myself a target: to help a million people get a better back; hence the new title of our blog “amillionbetterbacks”.  I know it’s a big target considering it’s taken me 20+ years to help a few thousand people (just over 9000 better backs and counting); but I figure that even if I fall short, I’ll have helped many many thousands.  As W. Clement Stone put it: “Always aim for the moon; even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”.

I’ll admit my strategy to reach and help this many people is not fully thought-out yet.  Obviously it involves providing really great information and advice that will help you, and making use of the internet (big time) – I’m a great believer in “Knowledge is Power”.  The chances of reaching a million people in my lifetime may appear slim, but we all know it can be done.  There’s already been a lot of support from past patients who are excited to be part of an initiative built to help others.  Thank you.

Here are some of the topics I’ll be covering weekly in text or video format:

•    Anatomy
•    Causes of Low Back Pain
•    Diagnosing Low Back Pain
•    Everyday Tips
•    Exercises for Low Back Pain
•    Habits for a Better Back
•    Heat or Ice
•    Lifting and Carrying
•    Medication
•    Myth-busting Low Back Pain
•    Posture Power
•    Relaxation and Visualisation
•    Treatments that Work
•    Understanding your Low Back Pain

If you think you can help along the way, I’d be delighted to hear your ideas and suggestions for other topics.

We’ve a new website coming very soon which will help to present the key information to you; I hope you’ll like it enough to share it with others, so that together we can achieve amillionbetterbacks!

Thank you.


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