Take your back pain for a walk

As an osteopath I see people every day who are in pain and a large number of them are suffering from back pain, at times like this when the weather is  picking up and the sun is shining its great to get out and walk.

I have spoken many times about the dangers of spending too much time sitting or lying down to overcome your back pain – and if you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know that the best thing you can do is get up and move!

We live in such a beautiful city and whether you decide to take a countryside walk in Edinburgh or walk around the Town the key is to get up and take your back pain for a walk.

Be mindful of not over doing it and causing yourself more pain. Call our office on 0131 221 1415 to find out what we recommend if you have recently had an osteopathic appointment with us

Also remember we have a number of

exercises for back pain <== click the link to read them

And our back pain / back care guides are also useful <== click the link to read them

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