Supine Hip Flexion for low back pain

Today’s exercise is called the Supine Hip Flexion and is a nice gentle exercise to include in your routine. Remember to visit our back care exercises and pick two from the flexibility list and two from the strength building list to perform as a short exercise routine.

Remember to keep moving even when you are suffering from low back pain because the constant moving will help your recovery but if you experience pain while performing an exercise you must stop immediately.

Supine Hip Flexion

  1. Lie flat on your back on the floor
  2. Always move one leg up at a time, keeping the other flat down
  3. Bend one knee up and hold it, underneath the joint, with both hands.
  4. Pull the knee up towards your chest.
  5. Hold for 10 seconds
  6. Lower the knee slowly back down until it is flat on the floor again
  7. Repeat with the other leg

That’s all you have to do. Repeat it as often as you feel comfortable and remember to hold each leg for 10 seconds before changing.

If you need support with developing an exercise plan or for your low back pain please contact our offices on 0131 221 1415 or click here to complete our contact form.

We run pilates classes at our clinic in Edinburgh that may be able to help you strengthen your lower back so you may want to enquiry about those classes too.

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