Staying Healthy When Sitting At A Desk All Day

According to research, prolonged desk sitting, such as working for eight hours a day, was associated with one out of every six fatalities, with the most common causes being heart disease, stroke, cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and dementia in the UK. Staying healthy when sitting may require a change of your habits

Habit change can be hard.  It’s often best to start with the easy ones (see options below).

Unhealthy habits often cluster.  For example, you may find that sitting increases the likelihood of grazing.  And being on your own increases the likelihood of eating – for some people.  The good thing about my work is that I spend a lot of my time in a clinical setting.  It would not be appropriate for me to eat while consulting.

The facts reveal that to avoid weakness, anxiety, and a decline in fitness, one has to be active about staying healthy and exercising sufficiently throughout the day. Your whole health is steadily deteriorating as a result of all that sitting. Heart disease, and diabetes, have all been related to a lack of physical fitness.

In today’s world, desk occupations are increasingly becoming the norm. And people require such occupations to meet their financial needs. So, how can you strike a healthy balance between your desk work and your healthy living? Try out some of these suggestions.  And if you can think of more, go for it!

Move more

You require a brief break at least once per hour. Move for 30-180 seconds.

Do some back, arm, and leg stretches, touch your toes or stretch your neck. It takes very little to get your blood flowing. Whatever you can do to keep your body active and healthy while desk-working will help.  Here are some free desk exercise videos to follow along with.

Take a break every hour or so

Working at a desk for long periods can be stressful on your body.

According to research, taking pauses can help you enhance your attention, which can enables you to perform better.

You are not chained to your desk all day just because you work at a desk job. At least once an hour, get up and move about. Make your way to the toilet or for a quick snack or drink.

Avoid Taking The Lift

Whether you work on the 40th floor of a building or not, it’s easy to fall into the habit of taking the lift daily.

When you feel yourself using it too frequently, consider routinely using the stairs instead. Small choices might add up to big differences.

Get out of bed early

Waking up early is a great way to start a yoga or cardio-exercise routine. Or if you are not an early bird you could use your commute to stay active by gyming, swimming, or jogging.  On the days you work from home, just get up as though you had the commute, and use your commute time for the above.  One of my clients leaves his house every day as though he were commuting, only to walk for 30 minutes and arrive back at the house, ready for work.

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