Sports Massage is not just for athletes

Professional and semi-professional athletes who take their sport seriously will include sports massage as part of their training.

They understand that a complete exercise routine is not just about exercise but also about the food they eat and their ability to look aftertheir muscles and joints to prevent minor injuries from happening.

There are also a number of psychological and physiological benefits of regular massage like:

1. Relaxes tense muscles and relieves stiff joints
2. Improves the conditions of your muscles
3. Helps you sleep better
4. Decreases feelings of nervousness and anxiety

That makes it the perfect addition to any exercise routine.

However, sports massage is not just for athletes and anyone who engages in regular exercise or more importantly anyone who doesn’t but decides to take on a sudden burst of exercise should consider a sports massage before and/or after an event.


For example a sudden desire to run 5k for charity without adequate training or taking part in 3 days of dance!

During December there is a wonderful 3 day Tango event taking place in Edinburgh called Bailongo! which is a big Argentine Tango Festival that runs 3rd – 5th December – to get all the info about this amazing event visit…

If you decide to take part in this event and you don\’t usually engage in any kind of regular physical activity starting a series of weekly massage treatments now will help you enjoy the event and not end up having to suffer through the stiffness and soreness you might feel.

It will also help you to recover much faster and relieve any conditions that might have been caused by this sudden burst of activity.

Even regular every day activities like gardening or if you are a mother with young children and constantly rushing around, or someone who has to lift and carry a lot as part of their job can also be helped by sports massage

If you are wondering if it can help you contact me Edinburgh massage therapist Lynne Mollison at Active-X on 0131 221 1415

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