Resting because of back pain makes it harder to get going again

Years ago the prescribed “medicine” for back pain was bed rest but years of research has taught us that resting because of back pain makes it harder to get going again.

The pain tends to get worse the longer you rest which makes your willingness to move decrease because of the pain, which means you stay still, and that makes the whole thing worse….. !

Here’s an image to demonstrate how this works

You can see from this image that first comes the back pain followed by a fear to move and your body also tightens up at the thought of the pain. You then decide to lie down which decreases the amount of movement you are now doing, which increases muscle tightness and causes a decrease in the circulation of blood around your back area.

This decrease in activity leads to a build up of waste products which causes more pain every time you go to move – so you tense up stop moving and the cycle contains.

Now can you see why resting because of back pain makes it harder to get going again? You can break this pain cycle by moving around and by seeing a professional who can provide you with relief from your back pain.

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