Should I take pain killers for my back pain or phone the doctor?

When it comes to back pain you can never be too careful – in the majority of cases your

symptoms will ease and disappear (at least until next time!)

When it first starts up you may think to yourself …..

Should I take pain killers for my back pain or phone the doctor?”

And here is the answer for you

If you are in agony don’t be a martyr – painkillers may help you to relax so try paracetamol as indicated on the packet or aspirin.

BUT….. If the pain is bearable, painkillers may mask the fact that you are aggravating the problem so in this instances taking pain killers for your back pain is not a good idea.

If paracetamol or aspirin don’t help and the pain is unbearable or if you are having trouble with passing urine (you have difficulty starting, dribbling or increased frequency) then you must immediately phone your doctor.

Other incidents back pain should lead to you phoning your doctor is in the case of you experiencing numbness (lack of feeling) under your bottom or a weakness in either of your legs.

If you are taking drugs for other conditions and you are wondering whether to take aspirin or paracetamol it is important you discuss this with your doctor or pharmacist.

What can my doctor do?

Your doctor can:

  • Reassure you by examining you and making sure there is nothing ‘terrible’ wrong
  • Certify you unfit for work
  • Prescribe more powerful painkillers and/or anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants.

They can also refer you to further treatment through the NHS however you will have to wait several weeks for an appointment to see an Osteopath. Instead you can call us here at Active-X and we will talk to you about how we can help. Call 0131 221 1415

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