Massage for stress relief

If you’re considering massage for stress relief, there is evidence that it is effective for reducing occupational stress, and other kinds of stress.

Massage for stress relief in Edinburgh

We have been providing massage in Edinburgh for over 20 years.  From humble beginnings in Grove Street, we moved to the West Port in 1997.  And have been providing massage in the West End of Edinburgh since 2009.

Does massage relieve stress?

Whether you have pain or not, massage for stress relief is a totally valid option.  Although you might think of counselling, CBT, or meditation first, massage should be in the mix.   Especially if you’re someone who holds onto their stress and manifests it as physical pain.

Do you ” feel stressed”?  If so, you’ll probably feel better for a massage.  D you have pains that seem to come and go without obvious physical causes?  It’s probably stress causing that.  And yes, again, massage will help.

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How does it relieve stress?

Massage gives you that feeling of being cared for.  It stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system.  This is the system that initiates and controls rest and recovery.

It reduces “sympathetic arousal”.  Your sympathetic nervous system does the opposite of the parasympathetic; it’s associated with fear, flight and flight.  Not good. You want to tone down your sympathetic nervous system.  Massage will do that for you.

Which massage is best for stress relief?

Ah, there had to be a tricky question to answer didn’t there?  Unfortunately, there’s no clear evidence which type of massage works best for stress relief.  And there’s no real evidence which massage techniques work best either.

But the good news is that you’ll know.  Whatever feels good to you is almost certainly right for you.   If you have that “aaaaahhhhh” feeling, then that’s the right massage technique for you.

How is massage delivered?

We typically deliver massage in our clinic.  We’ve always provided massage with you lying down, fully relaxed.  But by the time you read this, we’ll probably also be running a drop-in seated massage option.

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