Massage for Back Pain

Why should you want a massage for back pain?  Where to start? … Massage is essentially the oldest therapy.  It’s something we do instinctively to ourselves (rub the sore bit) and our mothers do to us as soon as we’re born (caress us).  If our instincts direct us to massage, can it be wrong?  I don’t think so.

Why does it feel so good?

You know when you first feel a really good therapist’s hands move over you, and your whole body relaxes, you can feel yourself saying “aaaaaahhhhhh…”  (whether inwardly or out loud).  It feels so good because the mechanical pressure actually blocks the pain pathways in your central nervous system AND it causes a release of feel good chemicals in your brain called endorphins, which apart from dampening down pain pathways (again), they give you a natural “high” like opiates.   At the same time, it nudges your body and mind into recovery mode, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system which aids digestion, sleep and other essential regenerative functions; it lowers the production of adrenalin and cortisol (stress hormones) allowing your whole being to become more at peace.   It’s worth saying again – “aaaaaaahhhhhhh…”

Does it actually do any lasting good?

But is this just all a temporary feel good factor, without really doing any lasting good?  Far from it… We know that massage causes the release of chemicals in your body that help you to heal – it actually changes which genes are expressed locally, thereby bringing about a reduction in inflammation and a speeding up of cell repair.  Numerous studies have shown the benefits of massage for back pain and countless testimonials give a more personal story.

So, if you’d like to enjoy a less painful back AND enjoy the process of getting one, give us a ring.



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