Long term illness or disability contributes to low back pain

If you suffer from any chronic ongoing problem, it is likely that this has a very direct effect on your back. For example:

People who have a limp due to old polio and leg shortening put more of a strain on their lower back because their movements are not as smooth. One hip bone is higher than the other, placing a constant strain on the muscles, discus, bones and ligaments of the lower back.

People who suffer digestive problems (e.g. irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s Disease) may not be absorbing all the nutrients they need from their food and so they will not heal as quickly as someone with good bowel function.

People who have chronic heart condition often cannot lie flat for long, and in propping themselves up in bed exert a strain on the tissues of the lower back.

So, you can see that all the above are aggravating factors in low back pain and this should be taken into account in setting your goals. It is recommended that anyone suffering similar problems in addition to their low back pain undertake professional advice before undertaking any of the back care exercises set out on this blog.

If you need help and support with your low back pain due to a disability or long term illness you can call our offices on 0131 221 1415 to find out how an Osteopath can help you or visit one of our Osteopath Open Days.

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