Ill fitting bras can predispose women to back pain

We all know how great a well fitted bra looks. You are uplifted and held in place. It makes a difference to the way your clothes fit and the way they look too but did you know that ill fitting bras can predispose women to back pain?

The British School of Osteopathy suggested that ill fitting bras (especially fashion bras) put stress on your muscles and your bones which can cause breathing problems because it restricts your breathing and puts unnecessary pressure on your diaphragm.

With regards to your back an ill fitted bra that doesn’t provide adequate support will cause your muscles to tighten. I have written different blog posts on the effects of tight muscles. Once your muscle tightens this can lead to pain in your shoulder, neck and back from the strain of being tight.
To avoid back (neck and shoulder) pain from an ill fitting bra it is important you get yourself measured before buying so you know it fits well and is providing adequate support. Many of the reputable high street shops will provide a bra fitting service.

Research you may want to look into
Ryan, E.L. (2000). Pectoral girdle myalgia in women: A 5 year study in a clinical setting. The Clinical Journal of Pain, 16: pp.298-303

More on ill fitting bras and the effects on our health

Is your bra making you ill?| Independent Newspaper

Are you constantly pulling up your bra straps? Do your shoulders fall forward? Do your bosoms bounce when you walk, despite your new balcony bra with lace trim? The chances are you are among the majority of women who have never had a proper bra fitting, and whose posture and back health are compromised as a result…..

Publish Date: 02/12/2008 09:35

Ill fitting bras can be hazardous to your health | ARXWomen Beauty

Shoulder pain: The trapezius muscle connects the neck to the shoulder. A badly fitting bra providing inadequate support causes this muscle to tighten, to take up the weight of the breasts. This can lead to shoulder, neck and back pain

Publish Date: 24/09/2008 14:35

Bras And Back Pain – What’s The Association?

The common thread seen in the research is that an illfitting bra can cause significant pain for females. Rather than considering a breast reduction as a primary form of treatment, receiving an “expert” bra-fitting can ease the problem. …

Publish Date: 18/09/2010 1:09

7 Signs of an Illfitting Bra … | All Women Stalk

7 Signs of an Illfitting Bra … Wearing a bra shouldn’t be a huge hassle. Bras have a very simple job to do, but it isn’t always easy to find a bra that can handle this job. I know I’ve tried on bras in the store and thought they were … Some women find underwire bras uncomfortable, no matter what. Slight discomfort and pain are two different things. Something that is a bit uncomfortable can be due to the newness of the item. When a bra is downright painful to wear, …

Publish Date: 22/12/2010 13:08

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