How sports professionals can damage their back

In sport there are some very obvious ways that sports professionals can do damage to their back:

  • Fast bowling in cricket – the left side of the spine is under great pressure in a right armed bowler as he uses this side to decelerate rapidly.
  • Golf can lead to over rotation of the spine.
  • Squash and badminton require fast twisting, turning and bending movements
  • Horse riding commonly results in chronic low back strain
  • Weight training increases the load on your lower back considerably
  • Physical contact in sport (e.g. rugby) adds to the risk of damaging your back

To guard against the hazards involved in these activities your training must take the risk of back injury into account. The lower back is often an area that is ignored in training regimes – perhaps because you don\’t often see your own back!

The above are just a few examples of how sports professionals can damage their back. If you are involved in professional sport it is important you work on your flexibility and endurance and, for sports such as wrestling, judo and rugby, your sheer strength also.

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