Helping employees return to work after chronic back pain

I am always on the look out for interesting articles about the cost of back pain on employers because I believe that there is an easy way to reduce the cost of employee absenteeism by simply introducing an in-house health service.

An article I read recently that is a few years old and featured on the Nursing Times discusses how to help people return to work after chronic back pain.

According to the researchers, psychological and societal factors are equally as important as pain severity in treating chronic back pain, and treatments which ignore these factors risk perpetuating the problem of chronic disability and work loss, they said.   Source :

I know from experience that the longer a person is suffering from back pain the harder it is for them to get back up and out into work. It doesn’t help that people still believe in the old myths of lying still to help their pain when in fact that is the worse thing they could do and what actually needs to be done is for them to get up and get active.

This is why I was inspired to put together a few guides for employers to hand out to their employees that will show them how back pain is caused and how they can help themselves. I will be adding a new guide every few days until all 10 are available. If they prove popular and something that people want I will also write other guides on how to help employees with mental illnesses like stress and anxiety.

You will be able to get access to all the back pain guides on this page

If you find them helpful I appreciate you adding the link to your Facebook page and sending it out via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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