Help for sufferers of back pain spasms

Muscles spasms usually occur during sudden movement like bending over or reaching for the ball in tennis and is a gripping, agonising pain that will stop you in your tracks, so I wanted to providesome help for sufferers of back pain spams.

These spasms occur in different back problems: you can injure any one of the many different structures in your back that can lead to you suffering painful muscle spasms. They are your body’s primitive but effective way of stopping you from doing any more. It is an involuntary action that you have little control over and it slows down the flow of blood and other tissue fluids which causes the build up of certain chemicals leading to more pain and a dealy in healing.

To return your function to normal you need to know how to relieve your muscle spasms when they occur and the best way to do that is to relax and breathe. I know – you are in pain – and it is your natural reaction to want to tighten up, but you make the pain a whole lot worse by doing that. Learn how to breathe through the pain and relax because this will really help you.

I also recommend you call our Edinburgh clinic on 0131 221 1415 to help you identify the cause of your muscles spasms and so we can provide you with other tips of how to help yourself when they occur

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