Exercises for Upper and Middle Back Pain

Exercises for Upper and Middle Back Pain

Exercises can be great for upper and middle back pain.  Check out the videos below for some ideas for back pain relief exercises.  The first one’s a vintage video, in which I have a full head of hair!  But before you do, don’t forget the number 1 rule – Use it or lose it, but don’t abuse it.  If any of the exercises for back pain are causing you pain, then stop!

Remember the purpose of pain is a biological alarm system.  We don’t want you doing exercises for back pain and finding that those exercises make you feel worse.  The more you do that doesn’t hurt the better.  But if you do things that hurt, you’re just preventing healing from taking place.. Doh!

As an Edinburgh osteopath, I’m aware others may present exercise videos better – you decide!

So, if you were looking for back pain relief exercises, I hope you got a lot from these two videos.  You might also find this article on How to reduce back pain at work helpful.  And if you’re interested in lower back pain, here’s a great book on fixing low back pain.

If you’re looking for an appointment with an osteopath in Edinburgh, you can book an osteopathy appointment online or just give Andreea or Paula a ring on 0131 221 1415.

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